One of the ways that I like to waste my time is by playing Tomb Raider. In particular, Tomb Raider Chronicles came with a level editor which many have put to good use. A great place to find the best levels to play can be found at mprager's web site.

In a fit of madness one day, I grew disgusted with the level loading performance under WindowsXP of the Tomb Raider Level Editor version of tomb raider. A days hacking of the binary yielded a version that loads levels nearly instantaneously :-)

After working with some folks on the forums at I ended up patching the european version of TRLE as well as the version that came with Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation and just for grins the version of PCTomb5.exe that comes with Tomb Raider Chronicles.

So, without further introduction, here they are:

Tomb Raider Level Editor "tomb4.exe" patched for Windows XP
md5sum of f04a27519e41c3fcc7db2d91a3ecb812

Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation "tomb4.exe" patched for Windows XP
md5sum of 606d6f94ffcf743a5d46fe55b7e5a68e

Tomb Raider Chronicles "PCTomb5.exe" patched for Windows XP
md5sum of f584c64db3d1fd2d104e0ef9ebad8d5b