It is my intention to begin looking for CAD Consultant work. I believe that I have accrued the necessary skills to begin marketing myself in both Audio Technology and CAD Consulting. My focuses will be on the following:

  • Original Design Work: Someone needs a mechanism or system designed. I will design the system from scratch, with attention being paid to requirements, cost, and material needs.
  • Drafting from Design: A potential client has either a printed drawing or digital draft of a component, and requires a 3D model for either machining or further design work.
  • Drafting from Part: A potential client has the actual part, and need it accurately measured and modeled.
  • Drafting Continuation: A potential client has some parts of an assembly or mechanism, but needs the gaps filled.
  • Systems and Solutions: A potential client has a challenge that requires professional level design and system level solutions. Design work would be done to meet these needs.

As I am a college student (Still studying away in Music Tech!), my rates for this would be very reasonable. If one were interested in hiring or contracting me for CAD work, one could contact me at craig AT hickmanfamily [DOT] com.